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Elle Fanning Takes the Novelty Fur Slipper to the Street

Elle Fanning Takes the Novelty Fur Slipper to the Street Posted on October 10, 2017

Elle Fanning is always known for trying new things when it comes to fashion. This time also, she is seen walking around the street in her fur slipper. Fur Slipper with long leather stripes were in fashion in the early nineties. Now, here she brings them back to fashion.

Celebrities love fur as it gives them comfort and cozy style as well. Fanning was found strutting in a pair of elevated pajamas, but there is something to be said for the street-ready fur slipper. If you look at the pair worn by Elle Fanning yesterday in New York, it was adding cuteness to her whole attire. The baby look is quite soothing as she walks around.

Elle Fanning stepped out in a furry, embellished version shoes. They seemed equal parts of comfortable and relaxed. It looked like that she has just stepped out of her bed after waking up and forgotten to change her footwear.

Apart from her slippers, she wore a printed jumpsuit that gives low-key vibes. It also had a cinched oversize belt. The belt, really added fur to the cap as the edgy metal detail mirrored her chain-link handbag.

Her top and bag, both worked together to toughen up the fluffy shoe. The bright mix of prints (daisies on the jumpsuit, plaid on her carrier) wasn’t too jarring as well, thanks to the muted color palette.

On the top of that, she added a final eye-catching oversize tinted sunglasses and swiftly made her signature.